CityBike Magazine, May 2018

CityBike May 2018 Cover

Zed’s Not Dead, Baby (AKA the “We kinda look like shills for Kawasaki” issue)

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  • From Z to Shining Z: Kawasaki’s Z900 ABS.
  • Zed’s Alive and Well, Baby: 2018 Kawasaki Z900RS (also with ABS).
  • Yes, another CRF250L project: Prepping Honda’s CRF250L Rally for True Adventure, Part 1.
  • AFM 2018 season program centerspread: Round 3.
  • Maynard: Craigslist Tenderfoot.
  • Hertfelder: Don’t Waste the Water.
  • Dr. Frazier: Starbucks Adventure Essentials.
  • Uneasy Rider: Guitars, Motorcycles, & Hillbilly Music.
  • New Stuff: Interphone Tour Intercom & Shoei-specific Pro Sound Audio Kit, Scout GPS & Bluetooth Tracker, Acme Moto 2 Top-loading Panniers.
  • Locals Only: Wrecking Crew Edition, An DeYoung.
  • Plus News, Clues and Rumors, Shop Rag, and of course, Tankslapper, Events, Classifieds, and a “do as we say, not as we do” Last Page Photo.


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