CityBike Wrecking Crew & Staff

Owner, Editor-in-Chief
Jackass of All Trades
Lane splitting advocate. Rides an R1200RT, a V11 Rosso Mandello, or a CRF250L. Swears a lot, and we mean a whole fuckin’ lot.

Owner, Photographer
Master of Puppets/Issue Layout
Yells about loud exhaust and deadlines. Runs photo shoots with the ruthless precision of a T-1000 Terminator.

Road Scholar
Resident V-Twin expert and street speedster. Rides a ridiculously hopped-up FXR, a Buell Ulysses, or a sweetly set up CRF250L Rally



Road Scholar and Photographer
Recovering KLR victim, SF chapter Director of the AFM, track photographer. Rides a V-Strom 1000 or whichever racebike is running.

Road Scholar and Leader of the Sac
Owner of the Utili-Duc™ and Italian motorcycle aficionado (some of them even run!). Known worldwide for her red boots. 

NC700X enthusiast, but known to school fools on her ATK 605 or her Beta 430 RR-S.



Road Scholar
Former Oaklander, now Manhattan-based East Coast Correspondent. Never met a road trip she wasn’t up for. Currently suffering from lane splitting withdrawal.

Kerri Dougherty
Road Scholar
Founder of Motobird Adventures, a motorcycle tour company for women riders and CMSP instructor. Rides a seriously set-up F650GS Dakar.

Artist Extraordinaire
Creator of the Flyin’ Eyeball, longtime CityBike illustrator, and painter of the Black Lightning. Check out his latest, non-CityBike art here.