Maynard Hershon

Maynard July 2018

Two Front Tires

First, it was my wife Tamar’s Piaggio scooter’s front tire. We’d replaced the rear tire, but even the “new” one was pretty doggone old, so we ordered a pair of tires online. They are not easy to find in the cor... Read More...

Urban Bikes

A few years ago I owned a Triumph Thruxton, a lovely blue one, heavily accessorized. It had been the sales manager’s bike at the Triumph shop, useful, I suppose, to reveal to Bonneville customers how they could... Read More...

Real Motorcycles

In 1962 I bought my first motorcycle, a 250cc Honda twin called a Hawk or CB72. I didn’t know how to ride. An employee at the Honda shop, Dreyer Cycle in Indianapolis, rode the bike to my home. Another employee... Read More...

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