Dirtbag Challenge 2017

The 2019 Dirtbag Challenge Is August 25th. Here’s a Shitload of Dirtbag Photos from Our Archives

The Dirtbag Challenge crew announced yesterday on their Facebook page yesterday that this year’s Dirtbag, the 17th (?!?) Challenge, will be August 25th. Time was, you got one month of build time and a $1,000 budget, including the cost of the bike, but in 2016 the ‘Baglords increased the budget to $2,000 and extended the build time to a generous two months. Still no Harleys, although H-D parts are ok.

We’ve covered the Dirtbag Challenge extensively over the years, probably have at least six billion photos in our archives—not to mention our comprehensive documentation of Fish’s sweet SnoMoChop build for the 2018 Dirtbag.

Photos by Bob Stokstad, Max Klein, Fish, Graf Holzfeuer, and yours truly. Clickity-click to see ’em in full-res, holmes.

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