Giant Loop Possibles Pouch Fender Bag Review - Photo: Max Klein.

For When The Probable Occurs: Giant Loop’s Possibilities Pouch

I remember sitting in Baja with a flat tire, digging through my luggage to the very bottom of hell, looking for the pouch with tubes. Once my tire was repaired, I had to repack everything before I could get underway again. I thought then: what I need is an oh shit bag, a small bag that lives outside my luggage that holds a few basic tools and a tube. How much less stressful and timely if I had had my tube, powder, tire irons and wrenches all easily accessible? Truth be told, I’d started that trip with a fender pouch but after miles of rocks and crashes it escaped somewhere, never to be found again.

Giant Loop recognizes this need and has given it a gentler name: the Possibilities Roll Top Pouch. The bag is typical of Giant Loop bombproof products in its heavy duty, RF-welded, waterproof construction, with endless attachment points. It’s a 3-liter dry bag that keeps your things, whatever you choose them to be, free of dust, mud, and the wet.

I attached my Possibilities Pouch directly to the rear fender of my CRF and it stayed snugly in place for two days of trail riding. The pouch is made with a row of webbing loops down each side, giving the rider plenty of tie-down / tie-on options, or a secure spot for spent shotgun shells if collecting those is your thing (thanks Max!).

I carried a tow line, a 21” tube, and sunscreen for this pouch-testing ride. If I had wanted, there was room enough for tire irons and a sandwich. I personally like that this little bag is not bouncing around on the front fender, although Giant Loop does also make a version specifically for front fender placement. I also like that if I need to access whatever I might need from my oh shit, oops, I mean Possibilities Pouch, I simply unsnap the two beefy buckles and unroll the pouch to get what I need. When I’m finished, it’s a quick roll and snap-snap and I’m on my way. There’s no need to remove the bag to access its contents, eliminating any possible oh shit screw-ups in which your spare tube and irons end up flung somewhere along the trail, which is definitely not where you want them if you get a flat.

Would I recommend this pouch to my friends? Absolutely! But how do I justify spending $50 on a dedicated bag that does the same thing as a typical $30 fender bag, or a free (and free!) spot in other luggage?

Easy. Like all Giant Loop gear, the Possibilities Pouch is designed and proven by people who ride in rugged terrain. It doesn’t use brand-specific attachment points. It’s easy to securely install and remove, if needed. It’s easy to pack, easy to access, a neat, tidy, and correct product that is simple and versatile enough for a day ride or an extended journey.

$50. Get your own at, Revzilla, Cycle Gear, or Amazon.

This story originally appeared in our September 2017 issue, which you can read in all its high-res glory here.