CityBike Magazine, October 2016

To beak or not to beak…

  • To beak, or not to beak… We pit BMW’s R1200GS against Yamaha’s Super Ténéré. Which bike wins? Depends on who you talk to.
  • We ride Honda’s CB500X… and mostly talk about how we’d turn it into a replacement for the venerable KLR. Or something…
  • Yuri Barrigan returns to the Isle of Man (with more cylinders).
  • Peter Mars comes clean about our original test ride of Alta’s prototype.
  • Maynard: Telling Us Who They Are.
  • Hertfelder: The Thrill Ain’t Gone.
  • Dr. Frazier: No Way Adventures.
  • Devine: Prioritization Of Self.
  • Uneasy Rider: The Death Of Fast.
  • Locals Only: Liza Miller and the Re-Cycle Garage.
  • News, Clues and Rumors: 2016 CMSP Advisory Committee meeting—ride there with us! Party with us in SF to celebrate AB 51; Are you a real biker? There’s more, too—but you gotta go get the issue to find out that it is!
  • Pit Stops: We go to the Moto Envy Show, the West Oakland Motorcycle Review, the A&S Vintage Show, and the Tom Perkins Legacy Foundation’s first ride (on an NC700X!).
  • New stuff (with old guy punk rock references): EXO-AT950 Modular Adventure Touring Helmet and First Gear Kilimanjaro Jacket & Pants.
  • …and don’t forget Tankslapper, Events, Classifieds, and a beautiful Last Page Photo from the Moto Envy Show.

We want you to enjoy CityBike as if you were looking at a printed copy, so this is a high-resolution, print-quality issue. Only the best for you, friend. If your connection sucks, you might have to wait a bit for the good times to start.