CityBike Magazine, April 2016

Who cares about motorcyclist rights?

  • Who cares about motorcyclist rights? Dennis “Budman” Kobza does! He runs BARF, is a member of the CMSP Advisory and California Motorcycle Safety Committees, and is the first profile in our series on moto-advocates in California. Read this issue for the story on how he helped make the lane splitting guidelines happen.
  • We ride Suzuki’s V-Strom XT, sensibly and pragmatically—and still have a good time!
  • Fish does Moto-Gymkhana.
  • Backstage at the Dakar with Scott Dunlavey.
  • Locals Only: Ken Williams. 
  • Devine: Chatter At Idle.
  • Dr. Frazier: Gizmo Adventurers End Camaraderie Of The Road?
  • Maynard: Two New Bikes.
  • Hertfelder: McDining.
  • Uneasy Rider: Isolation Mounts.
  • Burnout contest! Seriously.
  • News, Clues and Rumors: CityBike at the Taj Mahal, Chris Scranton gives us a proper legal opinion on whether filming cops is legal, Dubbelju moves but stays in SF, Wheelies & Wedding Bells: Jason Pullen Gets Married, BAMS 2016 Scheduled For Never, The Santa Rosa Mile Is Back!, SEMA says the EPA is trying to get all up in yo’ business, and—of course—more.
  • Pit Stops: Sam goes to an Ed Milich / Jack Lewis reading, Michele goes to the One Show, and Sam goes to the I Am This Motorcycle show.
  • New stuff: Nexx XT1 helmet, Cortech Sequoia XC Adventure Touring Gear, Weego jump starter.
  • Plus Tankslapper, Events, Classifieds, and kickass Last Page Photo, shot by Max Klein!

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