CityBike Magazine, May 2015

Sweet Constance vs. El Jefe

  • We put Kawasaki’s Concours 14 and Yamaha’s FJR1300ES to the test.
  • Iron Butthurt: CityBike Saddle Sore 1000—Which bike is better for a real long distance relationship, Connie or El Jefe?
  • It’s 4:20 Somewhere—delivering medical marijuana by motorcycle. Yeah, we did that.
  • Dr. Frazier: Ultimate Adventure Bike
  • Maynard: What The Parts Guy Sees
  • Hertfelder: DORF
  • Uneasy Rider: Activism
  • News, Clues and Rumors: China buys Pirelli. Up next, Chainese and Ducommunisti. Updates on legislation: AB 334, AB 51, AB 8, and our modest proposal for motorcyclist self defense. Easter ride 2015—what about next year? Sam takes a crash course, J. sees elephants, and An finds an old Bates jacket. Maybe some more guns. Plus a bunch of other stuff that we can’t mention here. Because it’s TOO awesome.
  • New stuff: Aerostich Kanetsu Airvantage electric liner, Tour Master Element cooling leather jacket, David L. Hough’s Street Rider’s Guide.
  • Plus Tankslapper , Events, Classifieds, and all the moto news that may or may not be fit to print.