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I’m writing this on New Year’s Eve so I don’t have to start 2019 with what is likely the lamest excuse for a “story” ever, at least here in Ye Olde CityBike—there’s much lamer shit happening elsewhere. MUCH lamer. Besides, it’s not like I teased you into clicking in here with a titillating title like “14 Reasons CityBike Is Cooler than Cosplay – Number 11 Will Shoot Your Eye out, Kid!”

We’re not inclined to push our social media accounts too much, because social media is a pretty big offender when it comes to making the dumb even dumber, and we’d rather you come here to to read a story or two, or even just look at the pictures. And speaking of looking at pictures, one thing that’s been consistent here at World Headquarters since at least the last century is a surplus of good photos. We shoot a lot more than we use.

That was certainly true in the print days, but remains the case today, even though we’ve broken free of the cruel chains of page count. We take photography very seriously, as seriously as we can—there’s certainly a ceiling on the level of serious we’re capable of.

A lot of outtake type stuff turns up on the CityBike Instagram, along with previews of stuff that’s coming soon, or sometimes more like soon-ish, which is how I say “this will eventually be on the website, but I’m not making any commitments, so stop asking.” The photo of the Duke 390 at the top of this uh… article is a good example of that sort of thing. There’s the occasional ’round-town nonsense, too, attempts to capture and share snapshots of the spirit of Bay Area motorcycling.

Snapshots, get it?

This is probably a good time to mention that there aren’t a lot of words on Instagram, which means you won’t have to endure hilarious bits like that snapshots stinker.

By the way, here are our top nine photos from 2018, since everyone’s doing the #bestnine2018 thing right now.

CityBike's Top Instagram Photos from 2018.

Will you just look at all those wheelies? And Monkeys!

Sadly, none of the photos from our Instagram account picked up any hardware in the 2018 International Photography Awards, nor did any of our shots make it into National Geographic’s Best Photos of 2018, presumably only because said shots didn’t appear in a Nat Geo story—a bullshit requirement, in our esteemed opinion.

Anyway, check it out, if you want. That’s it.