Sac Mile Moved to August Because The Sac Won’t Be Hot as Balls like Usual

In other, more accurate and complete, words—the Sacramento Mile has been rescheduled to August 10th because it’s gonna be raining, or as the press release put it, “due to prolonged precipitation in this weekend’s forecast.”

Previously purchased tickets will be honored on the new date, those who want a refund because it actually will be hot as balls in The Sac in fucking August should contact the box office, blah blah blah.

This rain cancellation business is directly contrary to the true grit mystique featured in endless memes shared on “the socials” by supposed motorcyclists intent on proving to the world what hardasses they are. You know the ones: photos of racers roostertailing through rainy corners or splashing through muddy motocross whoops, with some clever line like “NASCAR is canceled for rain? Adorable,” the intent being to create a connection between the apparently massive balls of the pictured racers and the keyboard-riding poster.

I’m not gonna share any examples, because like most memes, these are dumb as the dimwits that communicate solely via this less-intelligent-than-emojis method.

Anyhow… we here at World Headquarters have no doubt that flat track racers are tough as hell. After all, Bryan Smith, who’d won the previous seven Miles in The Sac, placed third last year after breaking his leg at the Texas Half-Mile just three weeks prior.

I was actually thinking a bit of rain might help with the dust that we cracked wise about on the socials after last year’s Sac Mile, which led to public gnashing of teeth on Facebook and butt-hurt phone calls from various people involved with the event, upset that we mentioned the dust, the shitty parking, and the shittier attitudes of the security staff.

Said crybabies were also confused and upset by my very descriptive and 100% accurate characterization of Indian-mounted racers dominance as basically teabagging the entire field, took umbrage with my abbreviating the long form moniker of The Mile to Sac Mile—as if I made that shit up—and even fretted about my use of The Stogie instead of the proper, King’s English name for the Calistoga Mile—which I did make up.

All of this uninformed whining and wailing somehow ignored the positive tone of our coverage of the Sac Mile and flat track racing in general, but whatever. We’re used to a significant segment of motorcyclists and moto-involved people being dum-dums—see above commentary on communication via memes.

Anyways… like I said, this is certainly not about the racers (though there may be a legitimate concern for safe track conditions) but rather an acknowledgment that motorcycle racing fans, despite their constant adventure-esque posturing—again, see above critique on diss-meme-ination—probably aren’t gonna buy tickets to sit in the rain.

In the meantime, you can check out a whole mess of photos from the last year’s Sac Mile and Stogie to tide you over till you get your flat track fix in August—or at one of the other races between now and the Hot August Sac.

The Night Before the Mile and the Sacramento Amateur Mile events hosted by the Lodi Motorcycle Club have unfortunately been canceled due to the previously mentioned “prolonged precipitation,” but the local flat track true believers have lots more real-deal racing at the Lodi Cycle Bowl throughout the summer.


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    • Surj Gish

      It’s still a good event, and the racers are awesome. It’s just too bad some of the whack jobs involved in the business of flat track have to be so, well… whacky. 😉

      • oldironnow

        Plans are already in motion to spectate at Bonneville.
        Yet, come to think about it. Why not stop in Sac for a handful of hours?
        Make everything happen; “never cross the Great Magnet.”

  1. firstbuell

    pretty much all true, except the underlying “run it anyway” tone – those of us who were in the stands for the unprecedented Santa Rosa Mile main cancellation may see things a l’il differently – that sunny day, an odd ground fog which didn’t appear on anyone’s weather app combined with the track’s weird fine dust to produce a runny sludge that slimed down between racers’ tearoff faceshields, blinding them – a terribly frustrating day that pissed most everybody off & ended the 4-decade-long promotion career of FT stalwart, Bob Bellino

    The Sacto Mile’s current, enthusiastic promoter worked alongside Bob pretty much his entire lifetime, then took over from Bob, only to weather both the awful following year’s last-ever Santa Rosa event where 2(!) racers perished & the Calistoga 1/2-Mile that never happened once a wildfire had survivors living at the fairgrounds on race day

    so the Sacto promotion team is justifiably skittish about success, profitability, safety, fan satisfaction, & other concepts most of us rarely consider when attending – until it all goes upside down…..

    the above is from a totally dedicated fan who attends most every NorCal pro event, one who’s been behind the scenes enough to know it’s about so much more than just the $$ to make everyone – especially Surj! – happy

    I’ll be in Sacto, slathered in sunscreen with a hat & spray bottle to keep cool…..

    • Surj Gish

      There’s no “run it anyway” tone intended, though I know there’s commentary like that elsewhere. We’ve attended and covered too many events where racers died—including the particular Santa Rosa Mile you mentioned. I was shooting literally a few feet from Jethro Halbert’s fatal crash at the Stogie in 2014. CityBike has been pretty vocal about much-needed improvements to track safety and other issues that you characterize as rarely considered—that might apply to the typical fan, but I’ve personally taken quite a bit of shit for such points of view.

  2. firstbuell

    I took a nap after my Sacto Mile post, but not before reading your truly excellent, in-depth interviews of local promoters Terry & Steve, entitled “Calistoga to Santa Rosa, Sliding Sideways” – required reading for any FT fan

    I awoke to read your reply RE: safety, & yes, “CB” has voiced safety concerns in print – tho’ FT’s less dangerous than ever before, it’s a relative thing, as Brad Baker’s unfortunate 2018 crash illustrates all too well

    hope to see you in person @ The Sacto Mile – in light of former Champ, Gene Romero’s recent passing, the previous long-time promoter, Agajanian/Ascot Enterprises, is spearheading a variety of memorial aspects – race bike display, “3”-themed Ts, special ticket art, etc. – all the more reasons for folks to get up there & enjoy a great afternoon/nite in the summer sun

    • Surj Gish

      Thanks! Terry sure has some amazing bikes at his house. That conversation was really great, very in-depth and enlightening.

      You might be interested in this pre-crash Brad Baker story too, if you haven’t seen it.

      I unfortunately have a previous commitment on August 10th, but I’m sure at least one or two of us will be there.


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