CityBike Magazine, January 2015

A Bunch of Dirtbags

  • Dirtbaggin’ 2014!
  • How to win the Dirtbag. Seriously.
  • How to totally NOT win the Dirtbag.
  • One more lap around the Isle of Man
  • Brain scan: Bell’s custom-fit Star Carbon helmet
  • Maynard: Explain It To Me
  • Hertfelder: Always Read The Fine Print
  • News, Clues and Rumors: CityBike international expansion (yeah, right), Seriously? Another lane splitting bill, already? Some other miscellaneous lane splitting malarkey, Bayview=bad place to ride motorcycles, Victory makes a custom trike for Motörhead, Texas=trike haters? Ninjas on motorbikes (for real! maybe?), CMSP: MSF –> Lee Parks Total Control, 2015 AMA flat track race schedule, and more, more MORE!
  • New stuff: We test Arai’s new VX-Pro4 off-road helmet, Zowa’s Visor Goggles, and the Epic ID USB Emergency ID Bracelet.
  • Plus Uneasy Rider, Tankslapper, Events, Classifieds, and our readers ask for more naked old dudes.