Moto Mix Pack


The Moto Mix Pack Includes:

• CityBike Pin (1.25″)
• CityBike “Ride Fast Take Chances” Pin (1.25″)
• 2 CityBike Stickers (3″x3″)
• Share The Lane Sticker (5″ x 2″)
• Share The Lane Roadsign Sticker (3″x3″)

Adorn yourself with a couple of CityBike pins and slap the stickers on your bike, or your truck, or your neighbor’s kid’s red wagon.

The “Share The Lane” message works whether you’re in California where splitting is legal, or trying to make a statement in other states like Nevada where lane splitting isn’t quite legal… yet. Durable vinyl stickers with UV coating to make’em last.

Share the Lane stickers offered in partnership with our friends

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