Artwork: Mr. Jensen

Next-Level Risk Management: Quittin’ The Street

Like all motorcyclists, I have witnessed, endured, and been the victim of distracted drivers for years. While my observations are non-scientific, and there is certainly the possibility of any number of biases, my view is that the risk exposure has increased significantly, and that today’s motorcyclists are in more danger than they have ever been.

CityBike Magazine, May 2017

For everyone who bought the whole "we're just gonna do bicycles now" thing.

  • We ride Yamaha's FZ-10. Fast. Chances are taken.
  • Sam rides the new Rebel. Don't knock it till you try it—or at least read the story.
  • TJ talks about next-level risk management.
  • Peter Mars wraps up his Fast in 5 series.
  • We check in on our R1200GS project bike, Triple Black Beauty.
  • Locals Only: Dave Labree.