Uneasy Rider

Uneasy Rider May 2017

Uneasy Rider: Moments

Photo: Angelica Rubalcaba A couple weeks back, I was on my way into SF, crossing the Bay Bridge mid-morning as I always do. I'd split up behind a guy on a… GS500? Some middleweight standard thing, with one ... Read More...
Uneasy Rider August 2016

Uneasy Rider: Put Up or Shut Up

Remember when we here at CityBike admonished overly cautious riders for splitting with their hazards on because lane splitting isn’t a hazard if you’re doing it right? This right here is another commandment straight from the gentle but firm hand of God, or the vintage typewriters of CityBike, whichever you prefer—it’s the same, doncha know?
Uneasy Rider April 2015

Uneasy Rider: Community

I've never liked the way the words “riding community” are casually thrown around by everyone on a motorcycle. While we do all share a common love of riding, riders are very different people. It’s easy to say, “... Read More...