CityBike Magazine, February 2017

In search of the elusive Oakland Flying Fish…

  • Classic style, modern fun: we ride Yamaha’s SCR950.
  • The Dirtbag is dead, long live the Dirtbag!
  • Fast In Five, part 2: Peter Mars continues his lessons in speed.
  • Why do we ride?
  • CityBike Project: The Return of Triple Black Beauty.
  • Maynard: Mea Culpa.
  • Hertfelder: Tell It To The Judge.
  • Dr. Frazier: Wonder Adventures While Wandering.
  • Devine: Falling.
  • Uneasy Rider: The Flip Side of Shopping Local.
  • Locals Only: Kalle Hoffman’s Indian Chief chopper survivor, “Wounded Knee”.
  • News, Clues and Rumors: AFM + CityBike=true love? Uber: petulant, entitled & dangerous, 15 years of BARFing, Victory calls it quits, new lane splitting legislation in three states, and more!
  • Pit Stops: we check out the BMW G310R press launch, and the Yamaha Wall of Champeens.
  • New stuff: Moto-Skiveez compression socks, HJC’s new RHPA11.
  • …and of course, Tankslapper, Events, Classifieds, and a cryptic, confusing Last Page Photo.

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