CityBike Magazine, January 2016

ADV Capo-bilities

  • Aprilia Caponord Rally—ADV Capo-bilities.
  • Max Klein’s Try-fecta: Once, Twice, Three Times A Racer.
  • Dron Mk1 Buell concept, shot by Jeff Ebner.
  • A Few Of Our Favorite Things (from 2015). 
  • FJ-09 Project Bike Update.
  • Locals Only: Jonathan Dela Vega. 
  • Devine: Right To Death.
  • Dr. Frazier: Adventure Poseur Christmas List.
  • Maynard: Money No Object.
  • Hertfelder: Results S.A.P.
  • Uneasy Rider: Rubbin’, Son, Is Commutin’.
  • News, Clues and Rumors: Ride with us to the Unification Rally, Sean McGinnis update, FJR gets six speeds (like whoa!), lightsabers on motorcycles (seriously?), Multi-Narcolepsy, Stewarts Point Store closed, Beemer Boner Still Bogus, apparently, traffic is rough, murderous driver actually charged with murder.
  • Pit Stops: Ride Friday Give Back, Sam goes south on a moto-media junket, Max takes his two wheels to Any Two Wheels.
  • New stuff: Inertia LEDs, Nexx X.D1 Voyager helmet, Helimot B11 gloves.
  • Plus Tankslapper, Events, Classifieds, and of course, a bitchin’ Last Page Photo!

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