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Celebrating Almost 35 Years of Independent, Mostly Responsible Motorcycle Journalism

The original free motorcycling publication, CityBike was created in 1984 with the idea that the Bay Area motorcycle culture is so vibrant, so ingrained in daily life, so rich in history, characters, stories, racing, riding, and camaraderie that it deserved to be chronicled in large-format, tabloid-sized print.

Our mission today remains the same: to deliver to our readers thoughtful and provocative journalism that while perhaps lacking some of the production values, gloss and polish of mainstream moto-media, more than makes up with real-deal participation, critical thoughtfulness, integrity, enthusiasm, and loyalty to our readers and our beliefs. Like our readers, we are real riders, fiercely loyal to our local riding scene, our community: moto-commuters, racers, street and dirt riders; sporting and adventure riders; simultaneously advocates and hooligans.

We produce, cover, or participate in high-profile local events such as Ride Friday Give Back, our annual fundraising ride for Alameda County CASA; the Quail Motorcycle Gathering; American Flat Track events like the Sacramento Mile and the Calistoga Half-mile; the Dirtbag Challenge, Moto Melee, the Sheetiron 300, and other “locals only” happenings. We offer an inside line to the many vital variations of motorcycling life here in Northern California.

We have just transitioned from our last-of-the-Mohicans print model to web-only, going from monthly distribution of our tabloid-size publication to over 200 motorcycle shops, restaurants, bars and other moto-gathering spots throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California to focusing completely Our voice remains the same, so if your company or organization wants to support our independent moto-journalism revolution and at the same time reach a high quality audience of motorcyclists that care to invest time reading stories, reviews, and thought pieces that are several notches above the milquetoast ad farm drivel of so many other websites, motorcycle-oriented or otherwise, let’s talk.

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