Join the Independent-Moto-Journalism-Revolution! Artwork: Mr. Jensen.CityBike was created in 1984 as the original free Bay Area motorcycling publication, and our mission today remains the same: to deliver thoughtful and provocative independent moto-journalism that while perhaps lacking some of the gloss and polish of mainstream moto-media, more than makes up with real-deal participation, critical thoughtfulness, integrity, enthusiasm, and loyalty to our readers and our beliefs. We tell stories, write reviews, perform “analyses” and create “thought pieces” (we put those in quotes to avoid sounding too pretentious) that are several notches above the pageview-farming milquetoast of so many other websites, motorcycle-oriented or otherwise. Like our readers, we are real riders, fiercely loyal to our local riding scene, our community: moto-commuters, racers, street and dirt riders; sporting, touring and adventure riders; simultaneously advocates and hooligans.

CityBike remains free—all are welcome here at our virtual newsstand, and we refuse to kowtow to increasingly problematic publishing norms, like corporate event promoters demanding free advertising for press access. But web hosting, gasoline, tires, insurance, and myriad other things required to ensure this thing keeps happening are very real costs. We’re not the beneficiary of some mystical NPR-esque art-for-the-good-of-society program or just another slimy, content-compromised tentacle of investment and monetization for some multi-national media conglomerate Cthulu. In short, true grit independent moto-journalism isn’t what you might call “economically viable.”

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