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CityBike - San Francisco Bay Area Motorcycle Magazine - November 2014 issue

November 2014

  • The Truth About Helmets: we bash a bunch of "mature" helmets in the lab. Seriously—we're scientists now!
  • More Isle of Man coverage
  • The latest incarnation of Honda's Interceptor—it's an 800 again.
  • BMW's R nineT
  • Maynard: Sorry, Doctor Beagle
  • Hertfelder: Works Bikes
  • News, Clues and Rumors: Hot springs time machine, Mission+SF Moto=?, Calistoga Half-Mile + Jethro Halbert update, H-D's LiveWire ridden and its mirrors (perhaps unfairly) criticized, supposedly Distinguished Gentlemen riding, notes from the 2014 CMSP Advisory Committee meeting: "My taxes, err, registration fees pay your salary!", West Oakland Moto Review, Bay Area riders in the ISDE, It's electric, it's iron, it's a butt!
  • Honky-Tonk Hodaka-donk, Sena Bluetooth Audio Pack for GoPro, a couple calendars featuring motorcycles without scantily clad women draped over them.
  • Plus Uneasy Rider, Slappin' the tank, Events, Classifieds, and one or two other cool things. Like a picture of motorcycles humping. That's cool, right?

CityBike was started in 1984 with the idea that the Bay Area motorcycle culture was vibrant, so ingrained in daily life, so rich in history, characters, stories, racing, riding, and comradeship that it deserved to be chronicled in print.

Our mission remains the same: to deliver to you, our reader, thoughtful and provocative journalism that may lack for the gloss and polish of the major national magazines, but more than makes up with enthusiasm, participation, integrity, and loyalty to our readers and our beliefs. We're riders like you, and love riding, just like you.

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